Braille-Oz Pty Ltd is the Australian company set up specifically for the marketing and distribution of it's new automated Braille bead inserter. The unit has been developed and patented by Jim Tapscott, director of Braille-Oz Pty Ltd.

Jim and his wife Val, have been in the industry since 1982, beginning with the purchase of a small trophy/engraving business in Bundaberg, Queensland in Australia. Over time, and with the introduction of computerised machines the business expanded rapidly, and in 2000, the offshoot company of JRT Industries was established with the input of their son Rick (trade qualified mechanical engineer).

40mm Braille-Oz Unit
Braille-Oz Unit
JRT began with the purchase of a Matcam overhead router (US Multicam) with a bed of 8'x 4' (2400x1200mm). Within months an automatic tool changer was added to it, and then a second machine was needed to keep up with supply before the end of 2001. In 2004 it was necessary to part with the retail trophy and engraving side of the business and concentrate on JRT Industries alone due to time demands. A 3rd Matcam (2 metre wide bed) with scanner was then added to the workshop floor, enabling time for some 3D work to be produced, as had long been the desire.

Producing a lot of work for the signage industry, the question was asked about Braille signs. Time, or lack thereof, was the decider that prompted the initial idea of making our own simple, efficient, insertion device to attach to the router, to save time.

When the unit was operational, the invitation came to do a demonstration at the 2006 Sydney Visual Impact Trade Show. Exhibitors and visitors showed considerable interest in it, so it was confirmed that the unit should go into full production, and marketing in Australia would be handled by the very experienced Peter Harper.
International sales will be handled directly by Jim Tapscott of Braille-Oz and JRT Industries.

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