Braille using Vision Pro
Vision Open Vision Pro

Type your text in standard font. (lower case, not upper)

Click the Braille icon on the tool bar.

Font needs to be BRPUNCH normal Grade 1 (for Australia)

Click OKAY

Turn controller on and ensure Prox is turned OFF

Insert the braille tool and set the surface for the braille tool.
Lower the Braille-oz unit (without the alloy ring) until the nosecone touches the material surface.
Press "Set Surface" button and "enter" and then press "Go To Home"

Remove the braille tool before beginning the job.!!

Prox must be turned on.

Select Engrave (Braille select icon must be ticked and selected.)
Select Colour Filter and then select Colour to be engraved

Click "ENGRAVE" Remember to remove braille inserter tool.!!

Press "START"

Once the holes have been drilled, the controller will say....
"Please lower Braille Inserter and press start"
At this point, refit the Braille inserter
(with the alloy ring placed on the shaft)
and press "Start"

Once the balls have been punched, press "START" once again, or "return to home" to send back to home position.

Vision Unit

Unit with washer applied

Vision Unit

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